Conditions of the HERON E-payment Service

1. HERON’s on-line electricity bill payment service (hereinafter the “Service”) is available through and/ to all visitors to the webpage regardless of whether they are customers of HERON SOCIETE ANONYME ENERGY SERVICES (hereinafter “HERON”) or not. Users of the Service can pay their Bills provided that they have access to the Electronic Payment Code shown on the Electricity and Natural Gas Supply Bill which is sent by HERON to the Customer (hereinafter “HERON Customer”) every month Registration with the myHERON application and receipt of a Password provides the Customer with further features such as analysis and presentation of the Customer’s bills, automatic completion of fields relating to the Customer’s Electronic Payment Code, the ability to pay their Electricity and Natural Gas Supply Bill online and information about the balance/amount due for every Meter. If you do not agree with these terms, you should not use the Service as using this Service implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms.


2. Payment may be made by VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards and VISA, ELECTRON and MAESTRO debit cards, in cooperation with PIREAUS BANK S.A., which provides special systems for the secure transmission of the credit/ debit card data. Please note that there is no charge for using this service.


3. Non-registered users, for the purpose of recognition/matching of the electronic code for which the user wishes to make a payment, must enter the corresponding Electronic Payment Code.


4. The users of the Service (hereinafter the “User”/the “Users”) can pay the full balance of the last Electricity and Natural Gas Supply Bill and/or any other amount they wish. For users registered with the myHERON payment application, the payment amount is pre-completed and is the amount due at the time of payment. my Heron registered users can choose either to pay the pre-completed amount or to amend it and pay any amount they wish.


5. The due amount that appears in my HERON for registered users is calculated in accordance with the payments made with the specific Electronic Payment Code in the last forty eight (48) hours. Correspondingly, electronic payments made through the Service are completed within no more than forty eight (48) hours and the balance per Meter is updated after this time has passed. If any payment does not appear within forty eight (48) hours, or for any other issue and/or question about using the Service, active HERON Customers can contact the HERON Customer Service Department by calling 18228.


6. If the HERON Customer’s account is in credit, the amount paid will be offset against the Customer’s future payment obligations to HERON and HERON will have no obligation to return this amount.


7. Upon successful completion of the payment, the User will see a message confirming the transaction and the User will be able to save or print this message. On completion of each transaction, once the payment has been processed by the Service systems users, can print an electronic receipt and/or send it to their personal email. Registered users of the myHERON are able to see their payment history. This feature is not available to non-registered users.


8. HERON takes technical and organisational measures to ensure the safety of data and of transactions made through the internet. The transaction data (number of transaction, electronic payment code, amount of payment) that HERON collects and processes are used exclusively and solely for the purpose of receiving, executing and completing the payment in accordance with the contractual obligations of the Customer - HERON. It is understood that by using the Service you recognise, accept and explicitly consent to the processing of your personal data by HERON and PIRAEUS BANK S.A.


9. The Users of the Service should take all appropriate measures to ensure the privacy of their data and they are obliged to use the Service as it is provided by HERON, that is to say according to the instructions provided and taking into account that the rules of good conduct must be observed at all times. If the User becomes aware of any incident relating to the safety of his data and/or transactions, he/she must immediately contact the Customer Service Department of his Bank to report the issue. Finally, if the User becomes aware of any incorrect conduct or misuse of the applications, he/she must also promptly notify the HERON Customer Service Department by calling 18228 and reporting the case. HERON has provided that a report of this kind can be made by telephone and/or via the internet (electronic report forms). Users must understand that they are responsible for all their own actions online and must not use the Service in an illegal manner or in breach of contract. Any case of law infringement, and in particular illegal monitoring or disclosure of classified information etc, is also considered to be illegal and non-contractual behavior that is in breach of the terms and conditions of use of the Service.


10. The processing of users' personal data in order to carry out transactions made through the service will be undertaken by HERON exclusively in order to complete our Customers’ contractual obligations and in accordance with the provisions of the terms of use for the Internet Portals and as well as current legislation. Personal data which are necessary to make the payment (i.e. credit/ debit card data) are not collected by HERON through the Service but only by PIRAEUS BANK S.A. as the cooperating bank for the purposes of collecting data from payments made with a credit/debit card. The webpage on which these data are entered corresponds to that used by PIRAEUS BANK S.A. and the data are collected directly by the latter without any intervention from HERON. Consequently, HERON neither collects, stores or process in general, at any stage of the execution of the payment, the data which is necessary to complete the payment (i.e. credit/debit card data), and is not involved in any way whatsoever with the execution of the payment. With regard to any dispute and/or questions relating to credit or debit card charges, Users should communicate directly with the bank which issued their card. If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data through the Service, please contact the Company’s Personal Data Processing Manager, ie the company "PISTIOLIS - TRIANTAFYLLOS & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM trading as Andersen Legal”, on e-mail: