Online deposit of participation in HERON EN.A

The new and innovative HERON EN.A Program gives you the ability to become a “producer” of green energy. What does this mean? It means that each HERON customer who subscribes to the EN.A program is offered the opportunity to “buy” from solar and wind farms as much energy as his or her annual consumption, going so far as to zero out the cost of electricity supply! And all this without having to install any photovoltaic or other equipment on rooftops.

You can subscribe to the EN.A program by paying a minimum amount of 100€, (which will also be returned to you through the discounts you will receive in your bills) which you can subsequently increase either on a lump-sum or gradual basis, until your bill is zeroed out.

To deposit your participation in the program, fill in the Electronic Payment Code you have received and the amount you wish to deposit.